Combined Visual Art, Creative Writing and Yoga Workshop

For Women; using the graceful flowing movements of Dru Yoga, the 2 Day Workshop Program will be presented within a number of yoga themes. The themes will also be explored through the artistic mediums of drawing, mixed media and writing; depending on participants personal preferences. Dru Yoga will be practised during the course of the 2 days and will work to energize, stimulate and harmonize the physical body, before embarking on the creative work.


Try this beautifully coordinated art and yoga program to enhance your creative work. This program is for any woman who is interested in art and yoga. The gentle and relaxing program includes morning, afternoon tea and a vegetarian lunch. No previous experience necessary. 

This specialized art and yoga program can be presented to work groups wishing to help reduce stress and/or to bring forward a sense of togetherness; developing an understanding between individuals. 



2 days


8th & 9th of March 2020
(Canberra Day Long Weekend) 
Workshop Fees

$350.00 for the 2 Days 

This cost includes a vegetarian lunch/morning/afternoon tea  and some dry art materials.

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First Floor, 42 Townshend St

Phillip, Canberra