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Life drawing

A cornerstone of artistic education that remains an indispensable practice for both novice and seasoned artists.

The practice of drawing the human figure from a live model has been an essential component of artistic training for centuries.

At Lavender Art Studios our life drawing classes integrate historical traditions with contemporary teaching approaches. As a core component of our adult art classes, these technical exercises provide a profound exploration of human anatomy, movement, and expression.

Life drawing fosters a deep understanding of human anatomy, which is crucial for artists working in many fields, from portraiture to animation. By engaging in life drawing classes at Lavender Art Studios, students gain insights into the complex interplay of muscles, bones, and skin, which informs their ability to create life-like and dynamic figures.

Students explore new dimensions of creativity while maintaining a foundation in classical training using mediums including charcoal, conté, pencils, pastel, oil paints, and mixed media.

Artwork by Greg Devenny-Mackay, clockwise from top: (1) A Matter of Time, (2) Early Morning On, (3) Blue Nude

A historical foundation

The tradition of life drawing can be traced back to the Renaissance, where artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo emphasized the study of the human form to achieve anatomical accuracy and dynamic compositions. The Renaissance marked a pivotal shift towards realism, where the meticulous observation of the human body became central to artistic practice. This historical foundation established life drawing as a rigorous discipline, intertwining art with the empirical study of human anatomy.

In an increasingly digital age, the practice of life drawing serves as a timeless bridge between tradition and innovation.

Artwork: Morning bird by Greg Devenny-Mackay

From our students

I could not be more pleased. Not only did my art and knowledge of painting take a major leap forward under the expert guidance of Greg and his assistant, the whole experience was rewarding. Greg was his positive supportive self and always ready to share his knowledge.
Spending time with like-minded students at various stages of development all with a love of what they were doing in a relaxed atmosphere was also supportive and encouraging. Our model did an excellent job. 


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