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Register to model for life drawing

Are you interested in modelling for a life drawing class that attracts a diverse audience, from traditional to cutting-edge, post-post literate individuals?


Join Lavender Art Studios in a dynamic, inclusive environment where creativity thrives without the influence of alcohol. With over 24 years of teaching expertise, we ensure a safe and inspiring space for all participants.

Why model with us?

If you're passionate about being a part of this vibrant artistic community, we invite you to register for modelling with us.

Diverse audience

Our class caters to a wide range of participants, from the traditional to the post-post literate, ensuring a rich and varied artistic experience.

Safe and inclusive environment

We pride ourselves on maintaining a non-alcoholic, secure atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

Expert guidance

Benefit from our extensive 24-year teaching experience, ensuring a professional and enriching experience.

Established model register

Join our already established model register that boasts expertise from all walks of life.

Register today!

Embrace the opportunity to inspire and be inspired. Contact Greg, owner and director, on 0413 966 299 and become an integral part of our artistic journey!

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