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1. Watch

Below are the videos for this weeks lesson! 


Follow the instructions below each video 

for more information on techniques, equipment required etc.

 Week 9 General Overview Instructions

What you Need:


Look in your grocery cupboard and choose

coloured glass bottles (cooking oil, wine, beer etc.)

Set Up:

  1. Place still life objects at least 1/2 metre away from you. 

  2. Sit on bench stool with your easel angled towards the still life.

  3. If you are using a board without an easel, it is best to put an object (eg. milk cartons) behind your board and angle it on a 45-65 degree angle.

Lesson 3 (1 of 1).jpg

WEek 9 - Charcoal & Conte




1. Commence drawing on dark brown grey paper (Assorted Grey Pad)

2. Open book behind the paper selected tearing it out first.

3. Mostly use charcoal and white soft chalk pastel. Conte is optional to use if your picture needs it. 

4. Smudge or dab your marks and cut with rubber to create reflections

5. Do several pictures if you want to get better at it and arrange the still life bottles to make fresh drawings each time.

WEek 9 - Pastels



1. Work from  dark pastels to light pastels.

2. Hold pastels up to still life to compare colour options and blends of various pastel combinations.

3. Skate with your pastels to create the curves and straight lines required using kneadable rubber to break them where necessary.

4. Create a rich and vibrant image on dark pastel paper on the smooth side.

5. Finally use your lightest colours to finish the picture.

WEek 9 - Oils


1. Select your colour charts.

2. Mix your selection of colour from the charts.

3. Prepare a dark colour or background for your painting in acrylics or oils.

4. Keep a minimal image with magical reflections and transparency.

5. Bounce colour from one bottle to the next.

6. Paint in a table cloth if desired.

2. Create

Enjoy creating with the help of the demonstrations above!

If you have any questions give Greg a call on 

0413 966 299


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by Wednesday 1st April

Note - Please make sure the art is clearly visible in the picture.


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After you have sent over your image, we will review it and send you feedback 

within 3 days. This feedback will includes comments on your wonderful art,

and some suggestions for alterations and improvements. 


5. sHowcase

Once we receive your beautiful creations we will feature them below in our online showcase.