For a flowing, but gripping holiday read; purchase The Wind Queen Novel by Elizabeth Anne Thompson at the Paperchain bookshop in Manuka, Canberra for $26.95. This work of literary fiction is original in concepts/themes/writing style; different, interesting and very poetic. Crafted mostly in the high country of the NSW Snowy Mountains; the story - created for an adult audience, was released in just October of this year 2019, and is already receiving very encouraging feedback. The story is told from the perspective of a dying woman, Elspeth Abney; her picturesque, natural life in the mountains, and her up-rise against a witch like woman. The tale was written mostly, on-site, at the private outdoor locations mentioned in the narrative. Also, soon to be available as an audio and e-book. The book was published by William Webster at Inspiring Publishers.

23 Nov 2019




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