New Air Purifier System installed at Lavender Art Studios


We have always had a very good air purifier at the art studio; however, on the 3rd of January 2020 and to ensure the care and safety of all those visiting Lavender Art Studios this very smoky hot summer, Greg Devenny- Mackay, owner/operator of LAS installed a brand new TOP OF  THE  RANGE air purifier system in the art studio. With the up and coming children’s art workshops commencing on the 20th of January 2020 and the new term of art classes commencing in early February; those enrolled or considering enrolment can be assured, that even in these hazardous health days, of clean, fresh and continually technically monitored air cleanliness whilst enjoying creating art at Lavender Art Studios. Also, we do have a very powerful modern reverse cycle air-conditioning unit which is regularly serviced.


Elita: Art Studio Manager


         January 2020 Creative Holiday Art Workshops: For 5 - 13 years 

                                   Late bookings are always welcome!

The Dinosaur Art Workshops: 20th – 24th of January 2020 (10 Art Workshops in Total)

This coming January 2020 School Holidays Lavender Art Studios will present our very popular and much in demand dinosaur art workshops. Looking at the three dinosaur periods; Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous and set in the Mesozoic Era, these art workshops will artistically and creatively investigate the natural world and the particular dinosaurs of each period. The carefully planned art workshops are designed to support any child who has an interest in art.


Relics, Remnants and Ruins: 28th – 31st January 2020 (8 Art Workshops in Total)

This January 2020 School Holidays will see Lavender Art Studios present eight art workshops focusing on the relics, remnants and ruins of different cultures. These ancient and historically focused art workshops will be an excellent way for young artists to create art work. Let your child experience the creation of art through the investigation of relics, remnants and ruins of the distant and near present.


Book for the whole 18 sessions, or attend on a casual basis. Either way, your child is assured of a fun, wholesome, culturally diverse and enlightened art experience at Lavender Art Studios. Cost includes morning and/or afternoon tea. 


Over the holiday break; at anytime, morning, noon or night, call Elita to find out all about the most wonderful art workshops: 6292 6339 


Lavender Art Studios is an independent, private multifaceted visual arts practice based in Canberra ACT. Our art programs are tailored to various audiences; ranging from children and young people to adults of any age. We aim to nurture, encourage, inspire and educate by providing a creative, stimulating and uplifting art experience. Greg Devenny - Mackay extends his successfully proven and refined teaching service to those who are genuinely passionate about art, and progressing their artistic development in a non - competitive and supportive, caring environment.

To find out more about the specialized art classes/art workshops and other art related services offered at Lavender Art Studios contact us.

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A very important point of interest:  

This art studio is only located on the First Floor, 42 Townshend St Phillip Canberra ACT. Children, Young People & Adults from all over Canberra, Interstate and sometimes from overseas locations frequently visit the beautiful lavender art class program. We do not offer any other art studio sites in Canberra. 


All the art class/studio bookings are actioned by Elita Mackay: 

Phone:  6292 6339 and ask to speak directly with Elita regarding the art classes; if you are not speaking with Elita; then, you are not at Lavender Art Studios art studio/classes as advertised on this site only. 

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