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Extensive General Overview & Notes

Skygate Sunsets -Week 6


  1. You can either print out the picture you choose or study them from a large image on your computer screen. 

  2. Look through the selection of photos considering if you prefer to depict a landscape or portrait image for your Skygate depiction.

  3. Since this is a sunset you can work your light tones into your picture early if you wish. 

  4. Look at the directional nature of the clouds and the way they undulate across the skyscape.

  5. Capture the nature of the sky in your depiction by sharply varying your contrast.

  6. It is not necessary for you to depict exactly what you see in your photo. Your interpretation is to remain flexible with your use of artistic license. 

  7. Push away and pull towards the viewer your depiction varying your intensity of focus according to your points of interest. 

  8. Work around the whole depiction to keep your observations open.

  9. Use contrast, depth of field, perspective, composition and tonal values.

  10. Clouds are atmospheric condensation of moisture. 

  11. These sunset images are lovely examples of brilliant colour creating strips, streaks and stripes of atmospheric abstraction. It is important to create where necessary light sky, which helps create depth of field in your depiction. Blend, smudge and merge colours to create a kaleidoscope of expressionist and abstract forms.

  12. reduce the foreground silhouette to suit the desired com position of your depiction.

  13. Experiment with your background colour selection and contrast to create strong colour to maximize the potential of your depiction.

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