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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the video lessons be online?


We will be posting the new video lessons on Saturday morning and the lessons will be available for one week. 




When do I have to submit my artwork by?




In order for us to make comments and observations on all the art, we need to receive your artwork by Wednesday. 


When will we receive the feedback?


We will reply with feedback to all emails between 3-5 working days


What happens if we don’t submit our artwork by Wednesday?


Due to our filming and production deadlines to produce high quality content, we won’t be able to send feedback on those artworks submitted after Wednesday! 


Will you be returning to your Phillip Studios?


Absolutely!!! We are endeavouring to offer the highest quality Online classes, but as soon as we have the all clear from the Government, we will be returning to our beautiful Phillip studios and return to in-person teaching.


Are you planning on offering some shorter lessons?


Over the coming weeks, we will be constantly adding new video lessons for students to engage in. 



When you return to the studio, will there still be an online option?


This is the first time we have offered online classes. Depending on the response to these lessons, we may consider offering it as an option in addition to our in-person regular program.

Can I come and pick up my art-work from the Phillip studio?

Due to the current situation the studio is closed indefinitely. All art-work in progress is stored safely and securely, and will be available for pick-up when we re-open.

Will I be able to watch old online lessons after you take them down at the end of the week?

We will be making all online lessons available during the holidays for you to catch up on

I have a full yearly booking for 2019/2020 for my child. Do these classes count towards this? 

Given the situation, we are honoring all yearly bookings within our Online Program. Once we reopen our physical teaching location, we will pivot seamlessly back within the term to offering in-person teaching again. For this reason, you cannot opt out of the online program to transfer the booking to a future term of art classes. 

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