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Discover Your Creative Potential at LAS!

Discover Your Creative Potential at Lavender Art Studios

Welcome to Lavender Art Studios, where creativity knows no bounds! Since 1999, we have been the heart of artistic expression, offering a dynamic range of art classes and workshops for both young people and adults. Our mission is to nurture talent and ignite passion for the arts in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Weekly Term Art Classes

Our weekly term art classes cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned creator, our expert instructors will guide you through a journey of artistic discovery. Young artists can explore various mediums and techniques, building a solid foundation and finding their unique style. For adults, our classes offer a space to refine skills, experiment with new forms, and connect with like-minded individuals.

School Holiday Art Workshops

School holidays are the perfect time for young minds to immerse themselves in creativity. Our school holiday art workshops are packed with fun, exploration, and learning. Each session is crafted to spark imagination and encourage self-expression through various art forms. From painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media, these workshops provide a vibrant and engaging way for children and teens to spend their break.

Adult Art Classes and Retreats

For our adult participants, we offer more than just weekly classes. Our high country art retreats are a highlight, providing a serene and inspiring backdrop for intensive creative exploration. These retreats are perfect for those looking to delve deeper into their practice, surrounded by the natural beauty of the high country. Additionally, we offer specialized art workshops that focus on specific techniques or mediums, allowing artists to hone their skills and expand their artistic horizons.

Customized Framing Service

At Lavender Art Studios, we believe that every piece of art deserves to be showcased beautifully. That’s why we offer a customized framing service for the artwork you create in our studio. Our expert framers will work with you to select the perfect frame that enhances and preserves your masterpiece.

Fine Art Materials Shop

On-site, you’ll find our well-stocked fine art materials shop, offering a nice selection of high-quality supplies. From canvases and paints to brushes and sketchbooks, we have everything you need to fuel your creativity. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you find the right materials for your projects.

A Legacy of Artistic Excellence

For over two decades, Lavender Art Studios has been a hub of artistic activity and education. We are proud of the diverse and successful art classes, workshops, and activities we have offered. Our community of artists continues to grow, and we are committed to providing opportunities for creative growth and expression for many years to come.

Join us at Lavender Art Studios and embark on an artistic adventure. Whether you are looking to develop new skills, meet fellow art enthusiasts, or simply find a creative outlet, our programs are designed to inspire and nurture your artistic journey. Discover the joy of creation and let your imagination soar!


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